travel diary: Bishop, CA

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A small collection of pictures from camping/hiking with my family in Bishop, CA this summer. This trip was a lot of fun for us! I love the drive to Mammoth, regardless of wether you're coming from the North or South, they both pass by some beautiful roadside moments. From the North you pass the Bodie ghost town, Mono Lake, you drive by Tahoe for a bit... from the South there are the Vasquez Rocks, Mount Whitney and the cute town of Independence below, and lots of beautiful rocks and rivers along the way. Bishop itself is a small and adorable town with unexpectedly good food and views. The hike towards Bishop pass brought us to some stunning albeit freezing cold lakes below high ridges that caught the last bits of sunlight (hikers know it as the 'alpine glow') in the evening.
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Below I wore an Asos shirt, Adidas skirt (I can't stop wearing this by the way, so cute and comfortable!), my favorite old bandana, and shoes from Morocco


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