and when I get you, it feels just how Malibu Feels.

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Jason and I usually hike in the Griffith Park area, mostly because it's extremely easy to get to from where we live. We've done some hiking in the mountains past Pasadena and we've hiked in Palos Verdes, but never in the Santa Monica mountains. I'm always up for a challenging hike but I like a view so on the drive there, I read about a hike that goes from Topanga Canyon and looks out over the beach. After driving around aimlessly looking for the unmarked trail, and hiking to a dead end which we quickly realized was not the trail, we finally parked and started the trek.
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There we various dirt paths and no signs so we just took what  looked like the most-used trail and crossed our fingers. It turns out the hike was neither challenging nor had any views, especially as the fog started to roll in by the time we finally started, so we were left with spectacular lighting and dramatic color combinations. I wore Wildfox sunnies, my new asos top which is basically my go-to now, & American Apparel bike shorts.

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