[just a little bad weather] - Projection LA, Silverlake

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We've been out of town and out of cell service for a week in Yosemite. We hiked around lakes and over high ridges and off-trail through the mountains with some of my family. I woke up on my birthday in a hammock and watched the sunrise over a perfectly still lake, before packing up and hiking to the next night's camp spot and doing it all over again.
It started raining on the drive back from Yosemite and the sky didn't really clear up in L.A. until this afternoon. In an attempt to get over, what my mom likes to call, "the post-event blues," we took an early morning trip to Silverlake to check out Vincent Lamouroux's Projection LA at the seedy old Bates Motel. Definitely worth a visit if you want to up your Instagram game or ponder the meaning of life.
I wore a Free People dress, vintage Air Force military jacket, Urban Outfitters bag, H&M boots, American Apparel tights, and my own Niv Elliot necklace.
Jason wore Levi's jeans, American Apparel t-shirt and scarf, Converse sneakers, and a J. Crew peacoat.
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