[out on the water's where you're gonna find me] - Korean Bell, San Pedro

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I am always down for an adventure and one of my favorite things in life is to see and do something new. Jason suggested we go to the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro one day and neither of us had been there so we made a plan to see it. This place seriously took my breath away! The bell is surrounded by a sloping park which leads to the Point Fermin Lighthouse and stunning views of the bustling Port of Los Angeles. I was really surprised by how cool this area is; I had no idea there was anything to do in San Pedro but now I can't wait to go back and explore the lighthouse and find the sunken city by the water.
I wore an American Apparel skirt and unisex t-shirt, Asos sandals, Urban outfitters bag and sunnies, and a necklace of my own design. Check out my Instagram and Snapchat @nivelliot to keep up!
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