[all you need is love] - LA Pride, West Hollywood

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Happy Pride Week!! I spent most of the day in West Hollywood with Jason to watch the LA Pride Parade and it was so much fun! This was our fist time seeing it but we definitely want to go again. It doesn't really matter what your orientation is, because the parade is more about being happy and loving than it is about anything else. The highlights of the day were when Channing Tatum surprised everyone by dancing on the Magic Mike float (that's him below in the white shirt on the left!), and when Jason and I were waiting for our Uber ride to show up 3 feet away from where Kylie Jenner was waiting for her private driver. Celebrities... they're just like us!
I wore an ASOS dress, Converse high-tops, my Rebecca Minkoff bag, and a headband I made myself. Jason wore an H&M shirt, thrifted shorts, and Zara slippers.
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How great is that float? This was the best spin class promotion I think I've ever seen. They were on those bikes for the entire parade - which was almost 4 hours!!! Looks like fun too.