[the details are not the details. they make the design] - Charles Eames

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Every art school wants to be prove that they are cool and different by having their list of required general-ed classes be unique and somehow art-focused. Last semester I had to bus, Uber, or beg for a ride from my in-laws, to a class that was entirely devoted to the work of Charles and Ray Eames, and more specifically, their house. I had high hopes for the class as it was a subject I was familiar with and interested in, but it became generally a huge waste of time due to its unmotivated teacher. It did, however, inspire me to book a reservation at the Eames' old Pacific Palisades home, which turned out to be stunning and aesthetically inspiring - the perfect excuse for a beautiful weekend drive out to Malibu! I guess in that way, the class succeeded.
I wore an ASOS trench and Mondrian-inspired skirt, H&M t-shirt, Urban Outfitters bag and sunnies, and Steve Madden shoes. Jason's shirt is Forever 21 with Levi's and Cole Haan boots.
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