[now I've had the time of my life]

Somehow we ended up on Angel Island for most of a day. Here's the story:
 I think Alcatraz tickets were all sold out for the afternoon we drove into San Francisco (again!) and I guess our island fever was in full swing because here we ended up. I knew absolutely nothing about this place before getting off the boat (and admittedly still know very little even after coming back) so there really was no plan as to what to do when we got there. I spotted a bike rental place and we rented a couple mountain bikes which turned out to be a bad idea since I had this inefficient handbag along and the hills were pretty steep. Needless to say, those were immediately returned.

I then found an old museum with the island's history, promptly picked up a map of the various trails, and set about hiking along what looked to be a leisurely walk along some not-so-rugged terrain. Perfect! Well, at some point we met a few hikers coming downhill from the peak and asked how far there was to go and what the trail was like and heard, not only that we still had a ways to go, but that the hill became much steeper. Being the unprepared hikers we were, with no food or water, I think it was a good decision to turn back.
Eventually we did find a little cafe/bar on the pier where the boat was set to pick us up and the day got much nicer with a cold beer in hand. I would actually love to visit the island again, despite our strange experience. It seems like fun - if you're prepared to handle the elements; I'm sure there's a fantastic view from the peak!!
I wore my favorite American Apparel dress, Forever 21 scarf and vest, Target handbag, high tops from Urban Outfitters, and a men's Seiko watch.

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