[The Roadium drive-ins]

I've only recently been interested in going to flea markets and garage sales; I think this is because the selection here in Sacramento is so un-amazing. I mean there are some gems to be sure but it takes much more digging than I have the patience to do. I went to my very first flea market in Los Angeles (where else?) at The Roadium, which was once a drive-in theatre - how cool is that?!!

I found a super cool Versace necklace and the guy sold it to me for such a good deal that it must be either an incredibly well made fake or just a total score; the mystery is half the fun. I munched on fresh Mexican food and fruit, smelled what must have been 40 different kinds of incense, & stopped at every single jewelry vendor there.

On this sweltering hot day I wore an American Apparel muscle tee, H&M skirt, these adorable sandals I got at Forever 21 randomly, a vintage scarf worn as a head wrap, and random assortments of accessories from Urban Outfitters, Express, etc.

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