[SS Jeremiah O'Brien]

I'm not even sure how we found this boat one quintessentially foggy late morning in San Francisco but I'm still so glad we decided to pay the 2 or so dollars to go onboard because it was so much fun to explore! Jason & I are really terrible at planning much in advance so most of the times we decide to visit the city we just end up driving around til one of us finds a good parking spot or needs some food and then wander about that area. This particular time we wandered towards the end of Fisherman's Wharf where the WW2 USS Pampanito submarine and SS Jeremiah O'Brien battle ship are casually docked.

Some of the inside parts of this ship were used during the filming of "The Titanic" due in part to the fact that the entire thing is still kept in working condition and could technically go out to sea at any moment. Wearing my vintage military jacket while visiting was unplanned, I promise! This 1960s U.S. Air Force jacket a friend found and bought for me at an Estate Sale for $5 and it's one of the coolest things I own now. I also had on a Free People dress, leather boots from Target (what a score!), the bag was a gift from Jason which he got at Urban Outfitters, and the gold wire headband I made myself.

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