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Spring is such a funny time of year- especially after a peculiar Winter like the one I think we all had in some way this year. One part of me gets so excited that the months of cold are finally over and I can stop wearing so many layers (it gets real when you have to drive a scooter around in the rain) but another side of me is like, 'uummmmm... I can't even remember what I wear in the spring. How do I make an outfit without layers?' And that's when I start questionably pairing clothes from the floor of my room. Ahhh the adventures of seasonal dressing!

I paired this beautiful Urban Outfitters flower crown and sunglasses with a mint tee from H&M, The Limited skirt, this random cardigan I got at Target, and Aldo platforms - one of my favorite pairs.

I wore this during a recent trip to L.A. while Jason and I drove aimlessly around the less-interesting (i.e. suburban) parts of the city. As much as I love being amidst more bustling and upbeat parts of Los Angeles (or anywhere, really) a casual drive through quiet suburbia can be really refreshing. On that note, I wonder if I can officially call myself a resident of two cities yet?

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