[Chamerion Latifolium & the conservatory of flowers]

Jason and I share a love for adventure, probably because we've always been a long-distance couple which means one of us has to travel in order to see the other. We bob back and forth between Los Angeles and Sacramento with day trips around those areas to mix things up. This winter we randomly decided to explore the beautiful Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. I feel a little embarrassed to say that despite visiting the bay many times, I've never paid a visit!
DSC05502 DSC05510
The conservatory is home to approximately 1,700 rare and exotic plant species. They also house the largest and most comprehensive public collection in the world of high-altitude orchids: over 700 of the 1,000 known varieties. Beyond the beautiful flowers, the marvelous architecture of the conservatory is an elaborate Victorian-era greenhouse built of wood and glass. You can find it right off of John F. Kennedy Drive at the top of the park and I would definitely suggest a visit.
DSC05460 DSC05458 DSC05503DSC05454
I wore a men's H&M sweater, one of my favorite skirts by Foreign Exchange, Express belt, Urban Outfitters beanie I've had for ages, random boots from Target, and the bag was a gift from Jason. Also, fun fact: the scientific name for the Niviarsiaq flower (my blog's namesake) is Chamerion Latifolium, Greenland's national flower.

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