[escape to the bay]

Mid-semester getaways are my favorite thing. 
These spur-of-the-moment trips out of town usually happen when 1) I'm in desperate need of some inspiration 2) I need to source materials for a project, or 3) I just don't really have anything better to do on my day off. It works like magic though because I always come back feeling refreshed and with new memories and sometimes even trinkets to hold onto. Having almost nothing planned in advance leaves room for adventure like discovering a new favorite doughnut shop in Berkeley (seriously the best!!) or stopping for gas in the beautiful little city of Benicia, and even renting a row boat to paddle with Jason around Golden Gate Park's Stow Lake.

This pair of beautiful red leather boots came from a rock'n'roll little vintage shop in Brooklyn and (despite my getting them a bit muddy) they are in perfect condition and are so comfortable! The skirt is my own design; I had some leftover wool from one of my collections in a good amount for another garment. I'm not a huge fan of the high-low hem trend but I've seen some elegant ones when the dip isn't too deep so I wanted to make my own version. I put together the entire skirt in about two hours with a large box pleat in front, two smaller ones in the back (sorry it doesn't show up very well in the pictures!), and a neat little zipper along one side. I usually don't make a lot of clothing for myself because all my sewing projects are sample sizes for models to wear but this piece inspired me to start changing that.
I'm also wearing my favorite sweater from Free People, a muscle tee I picked up at Urban Outfitters, a scarf from Target worn as a headband, and sunglasses from What Goes Around Comes Around in NYC.

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