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Driving up to Apple Hill for the day is a Sacramento-area Autumn tradition of sorts. Some friends of mine who just moved up here from SoCal, were baffled as I was trying to explain it to them that a 45 minute drive out of the city between September and December will take you to a small area known for delicious apple foods all season and a day's worth of sightseeing. People go up there in the Fall for apple pies, wine tasting, hay rides, and a pumpkin patch, and during the Winter it's good for hot chocolate, cutting down your own christmas tree, and snowball fights by a frozen pond.
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Jason and I showed his family to the area while they were visiting this weekend and we got to sample at least 5 kinds of apple pie with fresh hot chocolate as well as walking through their open air apple market and some buying early christmas gifts. Of course the snow really started coming down later in the day and we had to leave but it was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon!
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I wore this vintage dress from the 70s I found at Bows & Arrows with my favorite ASOS trench coat, Urban Outfitters bag, and a random collection of accessories.

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Hannah said...

This place you describe sounds magical! And your outfit is absolutely divine.