[late night movies at Tower Theatre]

Tower Theatre, next door to both the Tower Cafe and Dimple Records, is one of my favorite places in my area to watch movies. The small rooms are just cozy enough to feel old-fashioned and a mixture of foreign films, documentaries, and independent movies brings in such an interesting assortment of people. I love picking up dessert and steamed milk at the cafe afterwards and enjoying them on the patio in the glow of theatre lights.
wearing an American Apparel dress and tights with BCBG shoes, an Old Navy coat, J.Crew sweater, and a scarf and gloves I got years ago as a christmas present.
Speaking of christmas, I hope you all had a wonderful one!!! We will be having our fancy 3 course dinner and opening presents tomorrow night, but today we sat around the christmas tree drinking cider, playing games, enjoying a delicious buffet of holiday foods, and even took a trip to Sky High- basically an adult-sized bounce house. I love getting to spend the holidays with my family!

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