[Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece]

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The view from the hollywood hills, specifically Griffith Observatory, is pretty incredible - especially on one of those unique cloudy days that rarely happens in L.A. If you've never been up there, it's pretty amazing all year long and worth the drive. I'm increasingly excited to move there, it will be a huge difference from living at home with my family in Sacramento but I'm ready for a change and SoCal has a lot to offer (not going to lie though, I'll miss taking day trips to San Francisco).
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Jason's been getting really good with the camera lately. It's a little funny to look back on my old posts with a terrible point and shoot - not to mention the questionable outfit choices. I rarely (if ever) post pictures of him on here but I think I should start because his outfits are always on point.
American Apparel dress and tights, H&M cardigan, Urban Outfitters bag and shoes, Target scarf... gosh I'm so mainstream.

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