ankle cuffs

Urban Outfitters tank & shoes//vintage skirt//second-hand belt & bag//Isaac Mizrahi for Target sunglasses//Santa Fe, Forever 21, Niv Elliot, and vintage jewelry
Celebrated the first Saturday after quitting my job by shopping with my sister all day and hanging out downtown for the 2nd Saturday Art Walk with one of my best friends all night. I just got this skirt from my sister and can't stop wearing it!! I love the detail- it's covered in elephants, tribal scenes, exotic flowers, and beading. I saw one of my former co-workers (we quit the same day at work!) and really good friend, who does henna at the art walk and she gave me a complimentary piece inspired by the elephants on my skirt. So cool.
I will only wear flat shoes if there are interesting in some way out of the ordinary random bow or zipper. I got these from Urban Outfitters and am just so obsessed with the way they look like ankle cuffs from a passing glance. Only available in black and silver now, but go take a look!
Oh, by the way, the Salted Caramel Mocha at Starbucks is amazing hot or cold- my new favorite.


nicole said...

that skirt is amazingg. before looking at the detail picture, i thought it was only made up of shapes.
thanks for your comment, also! that's my first plaid skirt, and i've been feeling some '50s school uniform vibes ever since rookie started up. i thought about the short hair thing, too. if worst comes to worst i suppose i can just go all brittany spears and shave my head really close.

mestizay said...

YOur skirt is lovely! I love it!