in the aftermath

A bunch of random outfit shots and cheesy photo booth posing from the last few weeks. The camera is finally back home so posting will be a little better in the future - thankfully! Publishing photo booth pictures just seems so weird to me.
  1. feeling very costume-y in a shawl/scarf from Thailand, head wrap and earrings are Forever 21, American Apparel dress, Target tights, Michael Kors platforms, and the necklace was a gift from my mom
  2. rocking out in a surprisingly dramatic everyday look for me consisting of a vintage coat and hat, Forever 21 shirt, American Apparel skirt and tights, Target boots
  3. randomly dressing up in the head wrap from Thailand (again), scarf from and Indian shop in LA, vintage sequined belt, American Apparel dress, Target tights, boots I've had since I was like 8, and my room! Which I've promised pictures of that will come eventually - maybe spring break…
  4. I went into the school locker rooms before my dance midterm this morning and it was so eerily quiet I had to use the moment for pictures and comic book editing. I was wearing the American Apparel Le Sac (get one! they're amazing), Nike leggings, Urban Outfitters beanie, and Capezio half-soles
  5. underdressed on a cold, windy day and looking very un-tan in an Anthropologie dress, vintage mohair sweater, Target boots, and random jewelry
  6. mixing stripes and completely loving my newest hat addition from Urban Outfitters (by the way, have you noticed how much headgear I'm wearing in this post?!) American Apparel unisex striped shirt, Zara vest, Target skirt and tights
  7. a random school day outfit with a self-made Le Sac dress, Target tissue tee, Zara vest, and the sequined army hat was a gift
I promise much classier posts to come! And hopefully more regular ones too. Thanks for reading!
xx -Niv


Dylana Suarez said...

You look awesome!


Ellinor Forje said...

I like the photo of you leaning against your locker. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


Mekinking said...

so funny and happy outfits, like them so much :)

purse 'n boots said...

i love this random assortment of shots!!! the more on the fly the better!! you look amazing in all of them. and how gnarly has our rain been lately?! i love it--looking at your rainy posts made me miss it! and thank you SO much for your comment---glad yor sister has free range over your hair! it's the best way isn't it?! and free!! haha!! much love

ashley <3