homegirl wont lie

This is what I wore yesterday between modern dance and fashion analysis midterms and an early morning of math tutoring. I'm surprised and excited about how well the dance worked out - I wish I had gotten a video of it! Some moments just don't repeat themselves.
Winter is the most stressful time between me and my clothes. With all the necessary layering it takes to stay warm and dry (because yes, it still rains even in California) it's nearly impossible to do anything interesting with an outfit. I keep dreaming of vintage dusters, oversized Mary Poppins umbrellas, elbow length gloves, and printed kimono dresses to add interest to my generally bland winter wardrobe. Then I remember this jacket from a Catwoman Halloween costume and I can successfully channel Parisian dominatrix-chic and stand out in some way from the sweatpants-obsessed school culture. Magical.
Target trench and tights//American Apparel dress//vintage scarf//Urban Outfitters bag and hat//Forever 21 earrings//Society 86 boots


Sofi Stellar said...

Lovely outfit. Especially the scarf. You're gorgeous.

Too bad it's raining! What miserable weather. I like the umbrella though.

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Wow, you look amazingly chic for somebody walking around in the rain! Where do you go to school? That scarf is super cute. x