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Such a beautiful Sunday, enjoying the afternoon sunshine streaming through my window. The camera is currently being fixed so these shots were taken with Photo-booth on my laptop... so, I'm sorry about the low quality. I really wanted to shoot this dress I got in December. I picked it up at Urban Outfitters on a limb and have got so much use out of it! You can't see so much in these photos but they have done something really intelligent with the stripes to create an amazing hourglass silhouette through the darts - and, of course, I'm all over that! Plus the sleeve length is exactly what I love; I always roll long sleeves to this length anyways so to find a garment actually designed that way makes me very happy. I'm taking a class in advanced sewing and basic pattern-making right now so I keep noticing all sorts of details in the clothing I wear!
The boots were going to be a birthday gift for my sister until she dropped a hint that she wanted black ones so I kept these for myself. They are a total dream... I'm glad I didn't return them!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend! xx -NivPhotobucket
Urban Outfitters X Kaleidoscope dress//vintage slip//Target tights and boots//Forever 21 scarf//all jewelry vintage and from Santa Fe
ps- I've made a few minor changes to the blog and working on adding a even more features. Let me know what you think or if there's anything you want to see!


Violet said...

i noticed the banner is apart of the changes?

Love the boots and the description of your outfit is put perfectly into words. Classes like that really open your eyes.

Lol yeah webcam photos are always fun to post now and then they have a certian look about them

Vi from Cali

Anonymous said...

really pretty!

Mekinking said...

lovely pics! and the accessories are awesome!

Veronica said...

Your blog is really cute! I like it!
nice dress!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

Dylana Suarez said...

I adore the boots!


Jarette (juh-rette) said...

Very cute !!!