coal war

Niviarsiaq dress//AA tights and top//Michael Shannon heels//F21 scarf//vintage belt//UO hat
I've been spending my days organizing and sewing lately; trying to  finish as much as I can before another hectic semester begins next week. I started making myself a Chanel-inspired cape over break and am determined to get it done before I start classes again. It definitely should not have taken this long to sew but, in my defense, since I chose a graphic geometric print it takes a lot of time-consuming and careful matching.
On the other hand, I made this dress in about an hour including purchasing materials. I remembered at the last minute that, for my final presentation the next morning, I was supposed to dress in the general colors of my collection! After quickly searching online for an easy look I could emulate without a pattern, I recalled the Le Sac dress I love so much. So, 15 minutes before closing, I got to the store (fortunately, right down the street!), picked up necessary fabrics (stopping for just a minute to admire a gorgeous black leopard jacquard), cut, sewed, and voila! There are a few little things I could have perfected if I had not been in such a rush to get it done, but over-all I am satisfied.


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

you made this dress??? amazing....:D i wish i can sew my own dresses too...but my sewing machine skills are limited to pillow covers only..haha!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Laurean Figueiredo said...

i really love your blog *.*

follow me =D