its cold in the desert water never sees the ground

American Apparel dress//Target gloves and tights//Urban Outfitters shades//bag from Thailand//boots I've had forever//vintage necklace
I got these gorgeous mustard gloves on a very rainy day last fall. They are perfect at keeping my hands warm while waiting for classes and at making almost any outfit look entirely complete. I love how the rich yellow color stands out on such neutral winter palettes as this!
I have been researching specific periods of fashion history lately, just for fun, and noticing how, quite often back in the day, every time a woman got dressed it was in a complete look. You can see this in so many eras how, even as style changed, you would always see a woman looking completely put together and remembering all the details. They had gloves, hats, handbags- everything went perfectly together! I have been really intrigued by that (you can follow my inspirations on tumblr) and am trying to use that philosophy when I dress as well. I am so bored of that whole 'I don't really care so I'm not going to try' look in fashion right now so this is me rebelling. I want to make, wear, and collect those forgotten details.... maybe it will catch on!

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Dylana Suarez said...

You look awesome!