winter song

This is what my life has looked like recently.
Stormy weather making for gorgeous sunsets, christmas decorating and taking apart, cooking for various events though-out the season, lots of new magazines for school and creative projects, turkish delight (really good by the way!) to get in the Narnia spirit, Christmas Eve family dinner under the lights, wrapping my gifts with newspaper, yarn, gold glass ornaments, and little blue flowers; a lovely new holiday dress from Urban Outfitters, jewelry organizers/decor in my room (since then, the nails have been painted a charcoal color), pizza downtown for my sister's 21st, Mom's vanilla cake with hazelnut filling and chocolate ganache with relatives, and my final project for an 'Into to Fashion' class.
For the project we had to design a small collection and present this board of ideas in front of class. The inspiration behind my project was the idea of if an ancient Egyptian woman travelled to the future, what would she wear? Here is a better shot of the middle page which shows that idea. The clothing I designed is a mixture of goddess-like draping and futuristic structure, which you can see better here. And, lastly, we had to show what colors and materials we will use if the collection were to be produced - here. Also, Neith was the Egyptian goddess of weaving and a protector if women so it seemed like an appropriate title.
Ok... enough with the holidays, regular posts from now on!

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