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vintage sweater and headscarf//Target tights//Express shorts//Charlotte Russe heels//DIY'd necklace
below: vintage hat
Yet again it seems that sometimes life comes before blogging. School projects and hanging out with friends in my free time attempting to have some semblance of a social life have been the main thing filling my days lately. Other happenings would include my sister's engagement party (I'm a bridesmaid!), the Tumblr I just started to possibly replace my crystalized photo-blog, and putting the final final touches on my room (except, I'm still looking for a clock... not sure why I'm being so picky). 
I tried out The Glamourai's headwrap DIY as an option for keeping rainy day hair from looking even worse. Probably the most glamourous and rock'n'roll way to keep your head dry and your hair pretty I've ever discovered -also great If you're in the same situation as me where you haven't had a haircut for like 6 months! (longtime readers might remember my own versions here and here!) Marc Jacobs recently reignited my love of headgear with this collection and then I watched this movie and got even more excited about it. I've been kind of interested in making a chic little 1920s felt hat for myself but I'm a little worried it won't turn out right so I haven't worked on the idea at all. Also loving top hats and little vintage boater hats but no luck in finder either at the moment.
Be sure to go check out my other blog cause I've been posting on there pretty often since it's birth. Hopefully you will gain some inspiration from my posts especially because the only thing I post on there are things that personally inspire me!
happy hatting! -Niv


Dylana Suarez said...

The head wrap looks amazing on you!



Anonymous said...

Hey, if you order this catalog for $4 they have all kinds of hats from all different eras. Top hats, boater hats, and 20's hats included. Link is here...

Have fun! -julia D

tessa said...

oh the head wrap!!

Claudia said...

Cool blog! Just found it today. Check mine out at
Hope you will follow me!
p.s. Darling outfit!

Alecca Rox said...

I don't believe this: you left me a comment about re-printing last year's xmas shopping list right while I was posting this year's version!!

I am so happy it helped you and you remembered it and of course you can print the new improved one too if you like;)

Congrats on ur sister's engagement and looking forward to seeing pics of you as a bridesmaid!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

how did you do that head wrap? looks super it!

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