Halloween Pt. 2 - Tiger Lily

On halloween night I dressed up as Tiger Lily from Peter Pan (she is towards the end of the video- dancing with Peter). She doesn't have quite as many accessories as I ended up putting on but the over-all idea was inspired by her. The whole reason I made this second costume is because I was scheduled to work and they wanted everyone to be characters from the movie. I'm really happy they decided I was to be the Indian princess though because I would have felt really awkward dressing as someone like Tinker-bell or Wendy - this is a costume I would have worn on my own!
I made the whole dress in the course of a few hours before wearing it and went and picked up a pair of those moccasin shoes at Target during the afternoon but other than the fabric that was pretty much all I had to buy. Worn with my new pair of American Apparel bike shorts, a scarf on my head, an Anthroplogie cuff, vintage necklaces, and a dreamcatcher I picked up at an art fair on campus the other day. I have a pretty substantial feather collection (note my current header) from which the headpiece came (I added some red to the tips) and the earrings were designed by my little sister.
Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!! xoxo -Niv

P.S. This post and costume is not meant to offend American Indians in any way. This is simply my interpretation of the Tiger Lily costume from Disney's "Peter Pan" movie. I respect the Native American culture and attire so in no way do I mean to hurt anyone's feelings, I apologize if I have.

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Frock Around the Clock said...

Your costumes are great!! Don't you just wish you could do fancy dress every day? I don't think it would ever get boring. I think I watched night of the living dead in 3D at leeds festival a couple of years ago - it was so funny sitting in a big tent on the floor watching it and everyone was being really rowdy and making loads of noise.. it was fun! Although the 3D effects were terrible! Hurrah for hallowe'en! :) x