J. Crew peacoat // thrifted dress // target tights // Society 86 boots // vintage clutch // DIY'd hat
I never really thought I would see the day when I didn't post anything for an entire month. I mean there was that period a couple summers ago when I went backpacking and couldn't get any internet, but other than that I've really tried to post pretty often. I am sorry for not keeping up. Between studying for finals, fighting a cold, working, and holiday shopping I haven't had enough time/mental-space to post recently. You can expect plenty over christmas break though!! Finals are next week then I don't go back until mid-January.
These are my new boots which I am completely in love with. They are so glamourous with the suede, lace, and jewels! This purchase was especially exciting for me! I've been a naturally athletic person for my entire life. I never played sports because I was home-schooled but, I backpack, bike, run, dance, do yoga, etc., which makes my calves pretty big and I can usually never fit into boots. Something mysterious made me this pair work though and I love it. They have a mini-platform inside which makes them much more comfortable for long-term wear - although I don't think I could actually handle wearing them for a long time; I would get too scared of ruining their beauty!!
Remember how I was saying I'm really into hats right now - especially from the 1920s? Well, I did a mini DIY on an old favorite beanie and wrapped a ribbon around it, stuck a vintage brooch on, and voila! Flapper-style hat.

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Jess said...

I love your woolen skull cap! What a novel idea & warm too I'm sure. Good to see you back, I understand on the whole unregular posting thing, trying to get back into it...

Happy holidays