stand for one night

American Apparel dress and Le String//Shape-wear from Nordstrom's//Michael Shannon heels//random bag
Sometimes its fun to do things differently. 
I wear shape-wear under 90% of my outfits and I've been looking for a boned bustier style for a while now. Even if an outfit looks like a casual little skirt and t-shirt I will most-likely be wearing some variation of a shaper underneath it - I'm not comfortable unless I'm 'uncomfortable.' It's not that I just want to look skinnier (I'm happy with the body I have right now) they actually come in really handy smoothing out curves and creating a beautiful hour-glass shape (love that)! So I decided to switch it up a bit and wear my corset-style bustier over the dress this time! I wanted to lower the sexiness of the corset by pairing it with a t-shirt style dress and go au natural with hair and make-up. I think it works! It was fun to confuse people for a day... don't think I'm gonna be wearing it this way a lot but I liked rocking it for a bit. What are your thoughts on the style?


Dylana Suarez said...

The dress looks fantastic on you! So flattering!

LaCara said...

You look gorgeous as always! I wear shapewear too, but only for certain occasions. I agree, shapewear is a great way to create a smooth silhouette, I love your experimentation with your corset, you look great!

Oh and thanks for your tips & the youtube vid! I've been practicising, and I'm getting better lmao! :)


Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

so happy I found your blog, abs. love it! :D work it girl! //new follower.