evil lives

vintage shawl//DIY'd second-hand skirt//Target tee//AA bike shorts//Michael Kors wedges
My mom gave me this shawl from our box of random costumes this summer to use if I wanted. I'm definitely happy to own it but haven't worn it a single time- until now. I actually forgot that it was in my closet until the new Free People lookbook sparked my memory and I got all excited to pull it out. By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, you should all go here to be inspired by the october catalog which was modeled and styled by a few really talented bloggers.
I feel like shawls are sort of a forgotten layer in the fashion spectrum. I mean you see oversized scarves a bunch and once-in-a-while there will be capes but it is a rare moment when someone is styling or designing a piece truly meant to be worn as a shawl. I paired it with a skirt I bleached and shortened myself (it used to be a lime green maxi) and, when cutting the layers off to get it the perfect length, I meant to put an actual hem on the skirt but got lazy. Over time my terrible hack job has grown on me though and I flatter myself by thinking it actually looks semi-purposeful. The knit produces a really heavy effect because it's an intimidating combination of black, thick, and visually spacious. I tried to lighten my outfit up by sticking to light colors and materials such as my new pair of electric coral bike shorts, a colorful vintage scarf, and my favorite wedges. I'm really interested in finding new and unique ways of layering during the winter so it makes me happy to have this in my wardrobe!


Sharnae Nicole said...

Aoowwwwww those shoes are fire!
I can't believe your skirt used to be lime green, you did an awesome job @ bleaching it.

& I get the same way when it comes to hemming and sewing. I never feel like busting out my sewing machine. I have so many unfinished pieces. Where does the time go. Haha

Dee O. said...

Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous!!! i love them :) and i love the scarf you wrapped in your hair, you look adorable!


Mekinking said...

love the shoes! and the scarf, how cool is that