just wrap me round your finger cause when you say its ok it doesnt matter if i believe you

Gap skirt worn as dress//AA bike shorts//Express belt//Jante platforms//necklace from a jewelry swap
I guess I decided to dress as an electro-punk fairy today. Still stumped as to where that idea came from though. I'm pretty excited about my recent collection of bike shorts from American Apparel. They've become wildly helpful in making an accidental (or I guess purposeful in this case...) glimpse of upper-leg look intentional and not trashy. I tend to go through really passionate phases of mixing neutrals and neons so by the time the next bout comes along I'm now equipped with a small army of random fluorescent clothing and accessories.
Thrilled about the cold weather we're having right now! Obviously it was a little warmer when I wore this outfit but since then It's become rainy and foggy and amazing!! I'm so ecstatic.
Forgot to mention some VERY exciting news the other day! October 16th was the official second birthday of my blog!!! I'm so happy to have been doing it this long! A gigantic thank you and tons of love to all my amazing readers! I feel really bad about how slow posts have been this year but hopefully that will improve - I'm definitely trying!! Again, thank you all for reading, I love and appreciate every single comment and email of yours! 
xoxo -Niv


LaCara said...

Ohhh Happy Bloggiversary! You look gorgeous as always, love your shoes, and your lip color is just amazing! What color is it?


Carmella said...

Congrats on the anniversary! I love your hair color, it looks great on you. Love the 3rd picture!

Frock Around the Clock said...

COLLECTION? How many different colours of cycle shorts have you got now? Arrrghh they are so good! Your hair and make up looks gorgeous here too. And happy birthday to your blog! Don't worry - you'll never be as slow at posting as me! :) x