someone tell them

scarf from Thailand//Target jacket//American Apparel dress//Forever 21 skirt//Urban Outfitters shoes and headband// DIY'd nylons cut into socks
Layering by neccesity. Every single winter it's the exact same story; I will suffer though almost anything in order to not wear pants. I'd really like to add a few pairs into the mix this year but find it such difficult feat to get the exact right size and style so I just sort of don't bother with it all and stick to my trusty skirts + tights. This particular outfit began as a simple, thoughtless blend of a dress/jacket/shoes but quickly turned into what you see now. I figured the dress was too short for a day like today (well, too short for almost any day really!) so I put the polka dotted skirt underneath it which I like to think makes anything look cooler. I stuck the socks on under my [new shoes!] because if my toes are cold I'm cold. And finally wrapped the scarf around so that everything else looked purposeful; well... and because I just can't resist scarves - ever. I love this scarf, it's so oversized I can wear it in a lot of ways and it doubles as a really comfortable mini pillow on 45 minute bus rides at 7:30 in the morning :)

What are you all up to this halloween weekend? I'm working on two costumes for a couple different events. The over-acheiver in me is really excited to have finally come up with two fabulous ideas with only a day or two to left to make them in. I'll try my best to get blog-worthy pictures (always difficult for me on holidays for some reason) and post them soon!


Franceta said...

Ouuuu I love this! I especially like the polka dot skirt peeking out from underneath the dress. The sheer socks were also a very nice touch.

If you ever EVER feel the need to get rid of that scarf, send it my way please! (Psht, like thats ever going to happen lol)


Dylana Suarez said...

The scarf really is stunning! Love it against your dark hair!