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American Apparel Le Sac dress//Zara vest//Steve Madden heels//second-hand belt
I've been talking about how I really want to collect more basics and versatile clothing lately; well, naturally, the first place I went was, royalty of basics, American Apparel. We don't have a store in the city so I probably looked through every single thing in the online store and finally ended up with an 8 piece order. I'm pretty sure that's the most clothing I've ever bought at one time in my entire life. This dress is amazing! Exactly what I'm in the mood for right now: effortless-chic dressing. I wore this whole outfit to school the other day - although I probably should have skipped the vest as it was 100 degrees out and wildly uncomfortable.
When I first started the semester I tried to work flat shoes into my wardrobe because I had this truly evil idea I should look like everyone else but that quickly was thrown out the window. I know this outfit isn't hugely innovative but there's no way I feel comfortable wearing jeans, tees, and flats as regular clothing. Give me a dress, heels, and rock'n'roll vest any day!! I do have a small problem with taking the bus though, which is it has this tendency to lurch and sway just at the wrong moments and I'm secretly scared I'll embarrass myself by falling. That happened one time (not on the bus) when I tripped in front of a bunch of people while wearing my Michael Kors platforms and I have such a hard time wearing them now,  I keep remembering that fall! They're still my favorite heels though :)


LaCara said...

Love, love, love! You look gorgeous as always! I can't walk in heels :'(

I'm still learning, and getting better at it lmao! They kill my feet though. Yeah buses and heels is not a good combo. I had to wear heels for a school ceremony, and I had to take the bus...worst journey ever lmao.

Violet said...

aww sorry about the fall even though it was a while ago... yeah ive tried going to school in normal clothes it doesnt work i just feel like im sick or woke up late it ruins my mood.

love this look though glad you went with the vest despite the heel. anything for fashion right?

Vi from Cali

Dylana Suarez said...

The dress is fabulous! You look so sexy here!

Carmella said...

Loving those shoes and I definitely love that vest. That's one of the things I've always hated about buses, the lurching back and forth. I've never fallen either but I always worry about it LOL

Frock Around the Clock said...

Arrrghhh falling over on the bus is terrible. I do it all the bloody time. I only ever get the bus when visiting friends in Manchester and they always want to go on the top deck because they are so busy and then insist on tackling the stairs whilst the bus is still in motion which inevitably ends in disaster.

That dress is total easy chic and looks great with the waistcoat and you looked GORGEOUS at the wedding!! :) x