my whole life was acapella now a symphonys the only song to sing

second-hand top, F21 skirt, AE for Payless shoes, UO bag, random sports bra
Now that we have this new house with more space I finally get a room to myself for the first time ever! I'm pretty excited about that and have been going a little crazy with decorating ideas. The only roommates I have to work around will be the family computer and a sewing table. Fortunately I'm a very deep sleeper! My mom gave me this beautiful print for my birthday which has basically been the general theme/inspiration and my colors for the room. I'm also hoping to add this collection of prints to my walls at some point- Paris, New York, and Italy. And I just recently picked out my paint colors which was a really long process because I have been completely set on finding a subtle but statement pairing which apparently is almost impossible (unless of course you are lucky enough to have a sister who just graduated from interior design school).
Tomorrow (well, I guess if it's 1:36 AM it counts as today?...) we are shopping for the actual furniture. I have to start completely from scratch since all I had to work with was three very mismatched desks and an IKEA futon which after about four years of everyday use makes it ancient by now. Wish me luck!


m.j. said...

I love the look in your eyes in these pictures.

Frock Around the Clock said...

Love the skirt! I can't wait to see pictures of your room - that print is beautiful so I'm looking forward to seeing everything tied in together. I am also very jealous that your sister did interior design - that must have been so fun! :) x

Alice said...

NIV! I miss you, my blogger friend!