Photo Diary

This has probably been the busiest summer of my entire life; but so unbelievably fun! Another month and a half to go 'til school starts again and life slows down a little (which I secretly can't wait for yet I'm also a little freaked out by). But while the sun still shines and its too hot to even think about wearing anything besides rompers, tank tops, and the occasional badass leather vest; I'm gonna live it up while I can!
Here's a snapshot of what's been keeping me away from the computer for so long: backpacking with the family in Yosemite//spinning fire with a new set of poi and an awesome companion//randomly placing feathers, leaves, and sticks in my hair//taking down the collage on the door of my tiny closet//moving out of the apartment where I'll miss the giant pool, perfect photo locations, and really close Blockbuster//moving into an actual house where I can decorate my own room, sleep on something other than a futon, and not have to lug my bike up and down a whole flight of stairs//celebrated my little brother's birthday//celebrated my birthday by washing cars and hanging out in the sun//threw an 'I'm 18 now!' dinner party on the porch where everybody had to dress up from another country and I wore a really warm 'summertime eskimo' costume//and finally had half a minute to breathe (and post!) before I compete in a chocolate desert competition, go camping again, go backpacking again, go to LA, and start school//the end.


Frock Around the Clock said...

Wooaaahhh busy summer! Great collection of photos! I love the no camping sign haha.. my sister is obsessed with poi and every time she buys some my mum throws them out because she's scared that she will burn the house down with them or something lol.. your summer has been so much more exciting than mine which has mostly consisted of working 9-5 which just makes me think of dolly parton. :) x

Gonzalo said...

love pictures! cute