i just found out theres no such thing as the real world

F21 dress and necklace//vintage hat//Steve Madden heels//random bag and jewelry
I'm being completely honest right now by telling you I have been living out of a box with a total of about 8 outfits in it for the entire month. When we first moved I picked out my current favorite things and threw them into a box in the corner of my room. The rest of my clothing has been in bags hidden away in the closet where I (unsuccessfully) tried to ignore them. Finally today, between unpacking from another trip in the mountains and packing up for a trip to LA, I took everything out and have begun the slow process of organizing everything. I feel like I've already filled my entire closet yet I still have a gigantic pile of clothes still on the floor- it's obviously time to start getting rid of stuff! I'm torn between wishing I could snap my fingers and the room would just be perfect and loving this whole organization/decorating thing so much I want to have my own place already! Oh soon enough...
For now I intend to fully enjoy the rest of summer and my last couple weeks before school.
XX -Niv


Anonymous said...

I love your accessories on this outfit... especially that necklace.
Just gorgeous! x

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

whoa! 8 outfits? but you still look so amazing!!! that goes to show how very well you style your clothes..and how well you remix them. just amazing!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Mekinking said...

amazing pictures! and I love your hat :)

Violet said...

love the dress and im feeling the same way about the same outfits... when I moved out the dorm I keep my fave pieces and packed the others in boxes that havent been touched for months

Vi from Cali

Frock Around the Clock said...

Arrghh packing and unpacking is the most stressful/frustrating thing ever! I've still got heaps of stuff from uni that hasn't been and possibly never will be sorted out. It'll be great when it's done though. How far are you away from completion? I love the tie dye and statement necklace and think you should deffo get the cycling shorts as a treat for all your hard work! :) x