the lights are on but everyone's gone

Zara jacket, F21 skirt, Target tee and tights, vintage clutch, second-hand wedges, my mom's scarf
I can't wait for high school to be finally over. I feel like it's taken forever and I'm definitely ready to be done with it all!
As a continuation on the subject of pants and creativity, my other great goal is to experiment with shilouettes. I feel like I've gotten to a point in my wardrobe where I finally know what I like and what I need. The problem is that I have this horrible way of shopping where I just buy something because I think it looks cute and have an outfit idea for it but it really won't work that well long term. I end up having a lot of clothes I like, they just don't go together! Somehow I have a bad feeling this will take a while to remedy. As my Twitter followers would know, I went to Target the other day in search of a plain t-shirt and some much needed hosiery and came out with an adorable romper - case in point.
title credit: Heavy Cross by The Gossip

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pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

looking so gorgeous as always, i love how your accessories are always SPOT ON !! the scarf in this outfit is an amazing touch :)