the day the earth stood still

vintage Ralph Lauren trousers, Target tee, vintage clutch and men's blazer, AE scarf, Charlotte Russe heels, random socks
As I'm sure you can see from the pictures, the weather has been crazy here! Non-stop storms for the past couple weeks. I made it something of a new year's resolution to wear pants more often. As much as I love my trusty skirts, it really doesn't leave much room for creativity when that's almost all you own. That resolution is especially easy to hold when it's windy and rainy outside.
A bunch of you asked about my nail polish in the last post. It's from Urban Outfitters and it's called "Matte Green 7". I can't find it on the website so here's something similar.
Also if you click the link on my sidebar named 'crystalized' it will lead you to my other blog. I've been thinking about starting a second blog for a while now and finally took the leap just this week. I guess you could call in an 'inspiration blog' I'll basically just be posting pictures that capture my attention and inspiration and some of my own personal photography as well. It's a baby blog so I'm still working out the kinks but hopefully you will be able to find some sort of enjoyment from it!


Dylana said...

Those pants are perfection!

Alecca Rox said...

You are right about pants and those look so good on you! Over here is so cold but no rain...

Good luck on ur new baby-blog, will be checking it out!

fasha comeback again said...

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Frock Around the Clock said...

I love those trousers. The weather has been pushing me in their direction too - so much so for the first time in about three years I bought a pair from UO last monday. I'll go check out your new blog now! :) x