the stars lean down to kiss you and I lie awake and miss you

J. Crew peacoat, AA dress, Target brown tights with black fish-nets over, vintage sequined belt, Bakers wedges, second-hand bag, F21 necklace
It's been a boring but productive few days. I still have a lot of projects to finish before the weekend though which is stressing me out a little. I've had this idea for a valentine dress made from the red slip of another dress. It's already sewn together so I just have to work on the fit and embellishments. I also ordered a lace bodysuit to go with the outfit which I'm ecstatic about! We're hosting a valentine's party with a jewelry exchange so while trying to find old, unused jewelry I reorganized my entire desk/jewelry cabinet/storage for all my art and design projects/home-to-everything-that-doesn't-have-a-home-anywhere-else space. I found a 2005 planner, a pair of headphones I've never seen, and about 8 pens that don't work anymore -guess it's a good thing I finally cleaned it out! Ok off to watch American Idol, the one show this house is into..... except for The O.C. which was sadly cancelled :(
ps- meet the adorable cat that visited us while shooting!


mecca nuri said...

outfit = hott. especially love the wedges!

i'm looking to go a warm auburn, and your hair color may just be the right pick! gorgeous girl :-)

astruc said...

Your hair is FABULOUS.

She's Dressing Up said...

I love a good clearout! Great necklace!

Beatrice said...

Your hair is gorgeous, and the makeup looks stunning! The whole look is beautiful on you!