lights will guide you home and ignite your bones

Post rainfall the other day.
I seriously need to start taking withdrawals from these shoes! The thing about good things, they're addicting. All my other shoes are almost completely deprived of attention! Argh, don't you hate that, when you start feeling bad for things that don't even have a soul? Like music, shoes, and breakfast cereals... maybe, that's just me.
On more exciting news, I got a haircut!!! Don't be confused It's still boring in these pictures and will be for the next few posts because I've been lame and taken photos but not posted them, but give it a few days and I'll have to post it. I literally have not had a cut in almost 6 months and it was so depressing. Now I've recut my bangs and put in a ton of layers, think Taylor Momsen but brunette - at least that's what it was inspired by. It feels so much more me when it looks a little like a rockstar, I love it!
Wearing Target peasant top, JCP skirt, Anthropologie scarf, vintage clutch, and Michael Kors cut-out wedges
ps- we got a christmas tree!


Dylana said...

You look so chic! I love how classic this is, but you make it so modern with the little scarf!

Lipstick Chick said...

I totally do that! I try to give equal attention to all of my skirts and dresses! :)

Goodle. said...

Love the golden coloured clutch! And cant wait to see your new hairstyle! It sounds very cool :)

Goodle x

Frock Around the Clock said...

Those lights are so cute! Looking forward to seeing your new hair cut - its been 8 months since I had a trim and my hair is crying out for one lol.. And yes I feel bad for things too - you're not the only one who's a bit mad! :) x

Anonymous said...
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