The Withering Heights

Goals for the week:
  • Finish getting and wrapping all remaining christmas presents.
  • Finally start making a pattern for and sewing a project that should have been finished already -my christmas dress.
  • Muster up the courage to tell myself that no, I won't be getting an amazing pair of Balenciaga knocks (not the Sam Edelman's, although I wouldn't mind those either! They're F/W07) because even though I've had my eye on them for a year, by the time I went to get them they were out of stock :(
  • Find a good 2010 calender or make one, probably the latter simply because I feel like it.
  • Clean up my closet which has become more of a storage unit lately than an actual wardrobe.
  • Do an insane amount of Algebra solely for the purpose of knowing I won't have to again until January.
  • Make christmas cookies.
  • Smile because life is probably a lot simpler than it feels :)
Wearing vintage top and clutch, Express shorts, AA leggings, and Jante platforms


Shanean said...

I'm not even finish xmas shopping..ughhh! I suck at shopping for others, so sad..I hope you complete your to-do list for this week and enjoy your Christmas, honey! :-)

Frock Around the Clock said...

I've only got two christmas presents so far.. oops! Love this very ladylike outfit with the twist of some crazily high platforms! They just make the outfit. I would definately break my ankle in them haha!

Also I keep meaning to ask you - bit of a random question - but you know when you iced that cake for the competition? Well did you use royal/regal icing - the roll-out stuff - and if so, how do you get it to stay flat against the cake? I always get folds in mine and yours was very smooth! :) x

Delmy said...

Those are some crazy sexy shoes.

M. and O. said...

New article on

It sleeting in France today, come to see that :) and see Olivia's photos (one of the two creator of daily-women) in her bedroom.