Martian Child

Sorry I'm such a bad blogger recently! I've been making last minute preparations for summer camp (this week) and the trip this summer. If anyone wondered about that big trip by the way, I'm officially gone from the 5th of July until the 10th of August although I may have internet access for one day somewhere in the middle there :)
On to more exciting things! I received these amazing Martian Wear for Hot Topic furry leggings in the mail a bit ago and just about died when I saw them! I love them and seriously cannot stop thinking of outfits to pair them with. Surprisingly they work with almost everything I own! Oh and sometime I'll have to post pictures with the lights turned on. They come with an LED strip on the bottom so when the batteries are in there's a red glow around your feet! Super coolness. My favorite part- they make your legs look loooong! Definitely go buy yourself a pair!
Wearing Martian Wear for HT furry leggings and HT cuffs, Wet Seal graphic tee, Ross skirt, pink Express belt, and Jante platforms
ps- sadly I must continue to be a bad blogger until next Saturday. I'll be in New Mexico for summer camp so feast your eyes people! lol


Anonymous said...

Love the furry boots, imagine how much they will funk up even the boringist of outfits! Pretty hot though, I'd imagine. I used thick acrylic paints on my bag, and sketched it out lightly first. The bag itself was only a couple of poubds, but I wanted a twist on the eco bag.Have a good Sunday.

Diary of a Young Designer said...

OMG they are so adorable! Hope you have a great time at summer camp!


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

only just come across your blog and am loving your style, those leggings are WOW.

and added your blog to our links , it's great :)hope camp is heaps of fun!

Nee said...

im in love with the in love

Krystal said...

rock and roll!

Chester said...

Those are cool leggings!

Mary said...

ahaha AMAZING!! light them up, I can't wait.

The Queen of Hearts said...

For a second, I thought your furry leggings were these monster fur boots by Ugg that came out a few years ago. This was such a fun photoshoot, I really enjoyed it.

daniB said...

OMG! you amaze me with your outfits everyday(:
this outfit is super fun & flirty!
the tiered skirt & furry leggings definitely spice it up...and i love it!

you def. have major balls (lol) to wear those leggings!
i can't wait to see them lit up!
i can just see you wearing them in the winter when it's cloudy and dark, and BAM! you light them suckers up(: haha love it!

hope you enjoy camp! can't wait to see pictures.


Frock Around the Clock said...

You're right they do make your legs look long! I've been a terrible blogger too recently but it's due to work whereas yours seems to be because of fun things! I can't believe they light up - genius. Enjoy the rest of summer camp! :) x

She's Dressing Up said...

The furry leggings are INSAAAAAAANE - in the most amazing way possible! I want to see them light up!! They also look very warm which will mean they are both amazing AND practical in winter!

Joelyne said...

hey beautiful!!! what an awesome colour combo!

wow so you're going to new mexico in the us? how exciting! i hope you have/had an AWESOME time!!! take lots of photos to share with us!


Samantha said...

I fell in love with your style !
I don't see girls like you (and me) in Paris, who wear clothes so well like you, because they are too shy or they think they didn't look good. Thanks to you, it proves me the contrary ^^

TheSleekGeek said...

Gosh!i love your 'About me' so bad- "enjoy your life no matter what size you are or what labels you wear" that just GREAT!
and i gotta say i love your blog and your style!keep goin' !;D

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Awesome furryness, you should take pics of them lighting up. I SAW YOUR diy shorts on Stylish Wanderer, they are so cool!

K8 said...

That would make sense. Thanks!

Delmy said...

Cute photos! I could never just travel with a carry on. Props to you!

Mariƫlle said...

Those boots = total awesomeness!