Summer Camp

Casual airport outfit and I don't really trust checking luggage, especially not on connecting flights, so I just stuff everything into this one carry-on :)

the beautiful cathedral at camp (taken at an ungodly hour of the morning)

bad cafeteria food-

gotta love mirror pictures-

our paper plate shields for a team challenge

that's me on the wooden pole doing the high ropes challenge course -insane!

My groupie, we had so much fun together!

Surprise! There were actually boys at this camp! This was the last day, at the banquet-

ps- I do plan to update the blog until the fifth, when I leave for the big 5 week trip (with, unfortunately, no internet connection). What do you think, do you want some scheduled posts throughout?


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

thankyou for your lovely comment!
i love how happy you look next to the cafeteria food haha.
coco avant chanel is a pretty good movie-- but it focuses more on her early life (DUH lol) so i wasn't expecting that. still! haha um, in australia, coco is already out! i'm not sure about california though
you should defs check it out!

Alice said...

what sort of camp was it?

daniB said...

looks like you had fun(:
and i love how you stuff everything into
your carry-on...i do the same! haha
and i have to say that you rock the beanie and headband look :D

hope you post some more!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I remeber doing a camp like this when I was 11, one of the ebst things I've ever done. But each day left me with this nostalgic ache, and I find all good things rob a part from me, as I find it hard to switch off from really intense things.
p.s. You look so radient in that beanie, blue suits you, and I'd say no to scheduled posts, I like live writing from Niv, and it will fill me anticipation awaiting your return :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love your knit-beret in green!! :)

Thank you so much !!!

The song in my blog is by Bobby Darin and is called Beyond the Sea. As for your Question ab/ my dress... Possibly Motel sends out identical care=packages to us bloggers? hmmm...

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