The age of innocence

Today: baked a coconut macaroon cake, started and finished that Chanel tee project, unpacked from one trip and began packing for another, rediscovered an amazing street style blog, mourned over the calamity that is my closet and did nothing about cleaning it up, ate so many fresh cherries I could plant an entire orchard with the pits, decided I'm officially in love with anything white these days, thought seriously about buying these shoes and didn't, wondered how reasonable it would actually be to travel through Greenland, bought the most delicious Jamba Juice ever, researched learning to screen-print and remembered an awesome school that teaches it -too bad its in New Mexico, and I fell in love all over again with this song. It was a good day :)
Wearing second-hand skirt worn as dress, F21 linen scarf and chain watch, Target boots, and Wet Seal earrings


daniB said...

i must say that this would be a cute outfit
for a date!
it's so fun & flirty....perfect for the summer :D

i love what you did with the scarf! and the boots just make this outfit a whole lot better!

hope you're having a good week!


Mary said...

I love jamba juice! and edith wharton

Anonymous said...

The roses make for a perfect accesorie! I agree, anything Mago is insane, and rest assured , my DIY skills are shit-mas!
I always find it curious that your header features such a thin model, when you're general view on boady image is embracing curves, not a critacism , just an observation.
Much love,

Alice said...

hot stuff!
I can't wait to see the Chanel tee.

to answer your question, yes, I dance ballet :)


Frock Around the Clock said...

I'm back in Liverpool and everything feels the saaammmeee... and so on and so forth.. :D Life sounds rather hectic at the moment! Cherries are delicious, I've got such a craving for them now. Can't wait to see the Chanel tee and you so should have bought the shoes - slutty in the best way possible! :) x

She's Dressing Up said...

Your day sounds lovely =] Those shoes look pretty and hottt at the same time, Im not surpised you almost got them!

Joelyne said...

that dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! Really suits you!