Summer Breeze

The only thing one can do on a 102+ degree day is go nude or wear something light and comfortable the second of which I did today :) This is my ultimate summer skirt. It feels like something you would wear to the beach and it captures the wind really nicely as if you actually were there. Even the watercolored print has colors of the sand and ocean throughout it's pattern. I love the beach and I love summer, it's perfect.
Wearing Anthropologie watercolered skirt, white v-neck from a craft store, floppy straw hat from a Disney tourist shop, New York Transit heels, and second-hand sequined belt
I've been dying over these shoes from Tony Shoes for the last two days-


pigpoopi said...

i want summer here too!
its so cold in germany =[

the shoes on the second photo are looking crazy! but i like it.

pigpoopi said...

haha i just read ur comment on my blog. the dress is from c & a.

Frock Around the Clock said...

Ok so the Wikipedia definition of a chav is "is an aggressive teenager or young adult, of working class background, who wears branded sports and casual clothing, who often engages in anti-social behaviour, and is often assumed to be unemployed or in a low paid job." So sort of 'white trash' if you like!

And that skirt is so lovely and summery! And you have such a nice tan already - I went camping in Wales this weekend and it was raining and only about 10 degrees Celcius. Ridiculous! Those shoes are crazy - I wonder how hard it would be walking on the circle heel ones?! :) x

toni said...

wow, those circle heel shoes are so unique! i love your watercolor skirt. it is definitely very summery!

syd vicious said...

I adore this outfit!

daniB said...

daannng girl! strut your stuff(: lol
i absolutely love this outfit :D
very summer.

and the Tony Shoes with lace ups in the back are to die for! very different.


oh! i linked you! and thank you for the sweet comment(:

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

WOW i love your blog. I just found it you have great taste and a great sense of style!

Joelyne said...

lovely skirt!