Staying in

Bringing the party inside today. It was humid enough I wasn't really interested in going out much. Apperantly it's supposed to cool down in the next few days but it doesn't feel like it in this sticky, sweaty, messy, heat.
I have a bunch of feathers sitting around waiting for a good project, I'm thinking of adorning them on a blazer a la Brandon Flowers of The Killers or kind of like that Kate Moss for Topshop one. I'm also saving some for those Louis Vuitton stilletoes I want to DIY if i can ever find a good pair to start from, probably impossible. If you have any suggestions at all for shoes to start with please let me know! I was also thinking I could make a crazy Indian headdress that is so long it drags on the ground but I'm not sure that's a very reasonable idea. So for now I'm just sticking them in my headband. I'm happy.
Wearing an F21 short sleeved jacket and linen scarf, AA tank, Target wet-look leggings, and DIYd headband


Anonymous said...

Beautiful headress! I hate the heat, and humidity makes it one hundred times worse! Bring on Brandon flowers, his collection of jackets and mustache are to be marvelled at!

kirstyb said...

I just checked out the chanel collection thanks for the heads up it is indeed awesome xoxoxoox

pigpoopi said...

wowowowow. i love the colours. so beautiful. haha the feathers. cool.

Joelyne said...

ooollala love the feathers! tribal theme!


Krystal said...

rad headband!

Anonymous said...

HEY?! how could you not let me know about this post, hello?!?! :) love it!