Ok, so the weatherman was right, it cooled down a bit. I guess his judgement is better than mine after all.
Today I felt like dressing up for no reason. It was just one of those days where I felt like actually thinking about what I put on. This dress is really easy to wear because it's just so comfortable and yet looks so glamorous! I think it's all in the shiny, satiny material. It also goes with an amazing number of shoes! I could pair it with just about every shoe in my closet which is very rare!
Wearing Ross dress, bronze BeBe platforms, and second-hand sequined belt
Also I'm posting this clip from GG because it just made me so happy last night! Enjoy-


Joelyne said...

sexy sexy sexy!!!

absolutely love the bronze!!!


Alice said...

nice shoes.

syd vicious said...

Cute dress!
And YESSSSS, Chuck&Blair!!!! haha it made me happy too. :)

And in that photo, it wasn't Liv Tyler (although it certainly looks like her). I totally forgot what the models name was though!

Karla said...

thank u:) OH NO! haven't watched that episode yet:O oh well I kinda predicted that would happen...:)

looking good that hairstyle suits u really well!

x karla

Joelyne said...

thank u gorgeous ;) whens ur next post? cant wait!


Julia mode said...

love ur look =)

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

You've got great legs. I'm loving the shoes.

M. and O. said...

I did DIY my jeans ;)

daniB said...

i love how you did your hair here(: