One of the million

Today I bought loads of watermelon flavored saltwater taffy, finished the Rick Owens shredded cardi (it looks perfect!), went window shopping at a costume store, discovered a new stripper shoe website, began shredding a shirt (I swear, shredding stuff must be addictive), went dancing with friends, made a cranberry sauce, decided I am officially bored with my shoe collection, went shoe shopping and didn't buy anything, watched a couple episodes of The O.C. on DVD, set up a paypal account, fell asleep while doing Algebra, discovered some new music, finally realized I must be obsessed with DIYs or something, put denim vests and shorts on my "to buy" list, dreamed up a really awesome Indian costume, forgot my camera on the first attempt to take pictures today, and had one of the most wonderful dinners ever.
Wearing DIY'd bleached jeans from American Eagle, Obama for America campaign shirt, Steve Madden pumps, F21 earrings


Ellie said...

Love your bleached jeans.

I have no idea what saltwater taffy is. I'm sure it tastes good but it sounds bad.

daniB said...

the jeans are oodles & oodles of fun!
love how the bleach looks beige(:

i can't wait to see more DIY's!


pigpoopi said...

ooh i love the jeans!
super cool as always x3

and thanks a lot =]

kirstyb said...

Jeans look awesome xxx

Anonymous said...

Bleach madness is incredible! Not surprised you fell asleep during algebra, it is insufferbale and pointless , I mean where in real life can it be applied? DIYing does indeed seem to be indeed addictive, I have several projects underway at the moments myslef. Also, can you bent over properly in your ripped jeans? I find hard to bend my knees, or cycles in them without ripping through several holes, not sure if everyone has that problem. Have great Sunday, and eat some more melon!

Monika Dubska said...

your are an inspiriation, your outfit is cute and love the bleached jeans!

Great blog
Hope to hear from you,
Monika ♥

Krystal said...

great jeans love!

toni said...

i love your jeans! these are so cool. i've been on the hunt for a vintage pair of jean shorts as well. good luck to us both!

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

I love your earrings and tshirt so glamorous but laid back