Botanical Garden

This is another one of those outfits where I've had these things forever and used to wear them tons but I just stopped and got over them. I have two pairs of shorts that were almost exactly identical until I sharpied a vine up the side of this pair and on the pocket (I have BleachBlack to blame for that!) I think they look alright. I might add a little to to the vine but generally like the way it turned out. As for the shirt, I attacked it with a piar of scissors long time ago after seeing something slightly similar on Jane. Again, it might take a little bit more slashing unti I'm completely satisfied with it. l don't love either of these DIYs but I'm happy enough with each of them that I can actually feel comfortable wearing them around, and that's really what matters.
Wearing slashed yellow Target shirt, AA black tank, DIY'd Gap shorts, and Jante architectural platforms
edit- check these amazing furry leggings out!! They totally rock!


Ellie said...

Cool vine! That's such a good idea.
I'm glad you like my movie taste!! I get a lot of flack for my odd choice in films and TV.

Delmy said...

Cool shoes!

She's Dressing Up said...

Love the vine up the side of the shorts!

toni said...

look at your shoes! i love them so much! and you always have such great DIY's. :)

daniB said...

your heels just stole my heart (:


syd vicious said...

Those are great! Drawing vines was such a good idea!