Teen Lovers

Bought this blue skirt for a party last year and haven't really worn it much besides that. I don't like the way it's supposed to be worn (low on your hips) so I keep trying to expirament. this time I tried it out as a shirt. I love the ruffles which think it give it a nice silhoutte and make it so much fun to wear!! Wow, I must be into ruffles these days! And I love that way Taghrid rocked the ruffles, she looks great! I hope you all have a great weekend!
blue skirt worn as shirt, striped shoes- Ross, black shirt- Target, pants- Dickies, belt- F21
song credit- "Teen Lovers" by The Virgins


Ellie said...

I am a fan of the skirt for shirt. A great way to mix things up.

syd vicious said...

I've been obsessed with ruffles lately too!

Mary said...

I love ruffles!! and your shoes are super cute

Frock Around the Clock said...

This looks so cute as a top! It's such a lovely colour. Has your watch got like chains hanging from it? I want to see a close up it looks fun! :) x