Glasses & Awards

Just a bunch of glasses I have hanging around. I've gotten them really randomly and from just about every price range. I guess you could call it a collection but it's never been on purpose.
Top to bottom- 3D glasses from the Superbowl, vintage, The Dollar Store, Hot Topic, Isaac Mizrahi, vintage tinted glasses
And I would like to thank Frock Around The Clock and Zebra Stripes & Runaway Kites for thier super sweet awards. Sorry it took me FOREVER to get around to posting these, I'm so lame! Thank you both for they very special awards!

Thanks a ton girls! I love your blogs!


pigpoopi said...

haha i love this post x3

Rebecca said...

love the last pair of glasses

Frock Around the Clock said...

Love the Isaac Mizrahi ones! And you are very welcome with regards to the award! :) x

syd vicious said...

Such a cute post! Congrats on your awards. :)

Ellie said...

You rock those 3D glasses so well.

Joelyne said...

love the vintage tinted glasses!!!


Laroux said...

Some of the photos on this post made me lol - though I do now want to wear goggles outside the house!

Congrats on your awards