My fellow mexican senorita

this is what it looked like

making cheese over the fire on a 95+ degree day, woot!

my costume
So this is what I did on Tuesday. It's been a family tradition for like 11 years I think, not quite sure about that, but a long time anyway. We dress up and act like early California settlers from the 1840's. It's probably a little confusing unless you know a bit of Cali history but we end up spending an entire 24 hours at Sutter's Fort reinacting the era with period costumes and characters. I was pretending to be a mexican and had a lot of fun making a period costume to fit the part. My job was to make cheese over the fire all day for the 300 or so people that would eat dinner there. It was long and hot but I always have a lot of fun doing these things!


Anonymous said...

This looks like a pretty cool tradition, and I suppose it really helps people to think about and appreciate what they have, when you have to do the hard work that everyone did in the good old days.
p.s. And you boots in the final picture , look like something I'd wear in real life!

Anonymous said...
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Frock Around the Clock said...

This looks like so much fun!!! I love your costume! As for the size of me and Nic - I'm about 5ft8 but I had maybe four inch heels on and I think shes about 5ft4 maybe? I want 95 degree heat! Although not for the next three weeks because I've got exams so that wouldnt be fair. Any time after that though would be lovely. Send me some over please! :) x

pigpoopi said...

haha cool tradition!

Ellie said...

That is so cool that your family does that. I'm kind of jealous. That's just so neat.

Mars Saxman said...

The family tradition actually goes back twenty-some years - I don't remember which year exactly, but I did the ELP program when I was a kid.

toni said...

this is so cool! i love what they do at sutter's fort. i've always wanted to do their dress up days for history. that's why when i was a teacher, i loved teaching 4th grade. california history! :)