95 degrees

Yes, I know I wore this dress only a little while ago but when I looked into my closet this morning it seemed perfect for a nice, hot, 95 degree day. Some might complain about this summer weather but for me, it's perfect! -At least for now. I'm a summer baby, what can I say! Sadly I won't be here for most of this summer and I can't enjoy the perfectly hot days. I'll be in the mountains hiking with my family for 6 weeks and will have to live with mountain weather which is just as amazing in it's own way, only a few degrees cooler. I won't be able to post tomorrow as I'll be gone all day but I'll catch up with all your lovely comments on wednesday or thursday. Promise!
skirt worn as dress- Gap, linen scarf- F21, platforms- Bebe, belt- Target
ps- this dress looks so much better in person


Alecca Rox said...

ah...i can see you already have a tan! cool shots by the pool!

syd vicious said...

I'm such a summer baby too. Love the warm/hot weather! Your platforms are awesome!

Frock Around the Clock said...

95?! I have been getting excited this week because it has been in the 60s! I hate England. Love the dress/skirt and your tan seems to be coming along quite nicely! Hiking in the mountains will be amazing! Do you do it every year? :) x

Maverick Malone said...

I love this dress!

It's been really hot where I, 85-90. I don't like it because I'm originally from a place that's quite cold and I'm not used to the heat. It gives me headaches. But the sunshine is nice :)

xox, mavi

Chloe said...

I love your shot in the pool!
95? already!
its only 60 here

Julia mode said...

love ur dress and those shoes are AMAZING !! =)


Laroux said...

Its hotting up where I am too ... finally an excuse to bust out my summer dresses, I just wish I had a pool to pose by!